Peace of Mind with Pet Monitor!

Keep your dog safe in RV/CAR/HOME

1. Real-time updates on TemperatureHumidity, and Heat Index.

2. RV Power Loss Alert!

3. Instant Text/email alerts when there is a temperature excursion.

4. No Wi-Fi needed. Works on Verizon 4G cellular network.

5. Long-lasting and rechargeable battery.

6. Android and iOS app for remote monitoring.

How It Works

Never compromise on Dog's safety

Instant Alerts for you, friends & family.

1. Get instant text/email alerts within seconds if the temperature becomes critical for your Fido!

2. Your family members ( up to 5 ) can get instant alerts as well!

3. You also get alerted when the DG fails or if there is a power loss in your RV!

4. Our Pet Monitor continues to work for up to 2 days even when RV's power is lost!

How It Works

See Pet Monitor 4G in action

Frequently Asked Questions

While both are great at Protecting your fur babies from the risks of Heatstroke/Frostbite, the Pet Monitor4G is packed with Premium features like LCD Display and built-in GPS to track your Pet Monitor’s location.

Pet Monitor 4G/4G Lite comes with built-in Verizon cellular, There is no need for a Wi-Fi or Verizon in your smartphone. Peace of mind without any restriction!

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time if you are a Buddy Monthly Subscriber. Note: Yearly and Half-Yearly subscribers can only Stop the service at the end of their billing cycle.

Nimble Pet Monitor comes with a 21-days refund policy and 1-year warranty. A re-stocking fee of $10 will be deducted. Any refund claims beyond 21-days will not be honored.

  • Temperature alert: Alerts when the pet monitor temperature is out of range.
  • RV Power loss alert: Alerts when the pet monitor is running on Battery.
  • Low battery alert: Alerts when the pet monitor is running on the Pre-set level of Low Battery.
  • Network alert: Alerts when the pet monitor is out of coverage/battery is drained

Yes, you will receive a text and email alerts (“RV Power Loss Alerts”) when the Pet monitor switches to battery mode.
Note: For this to work, the device needs to be plugged into the charger and must always be powered on.

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